DIY Shabby Chic Home Design

The wooden rustic theme is loveable and inviting to mostly of us. And people tend to go with their own prehistoric and aged longing to create that desired fantasy to live in. This DIY rustic and vintage home is a beautiful example for such a tendencies and inclinations. The house has been build shabby and chic theme in every aspect and prospect whether you look at the bathroom or living room, every interior portions or outdoor predict the antique looking in smart and chic fashion.

The windows, doors, and bathroom vanities all are based on rustic theme and look very cool in distressed and old form. If you want to go in flash back in reality then this DIY shabby and chic home will be perfect time machine to reach you there.

shabby chic bedroom idea

vintage home dining

shabby chic home bathroom idea

shabby chic home bedroom

vintage home garden

shabby chic home kitchen idea

vintage home shabby chic garden

shabby chic bathroom for vintage home

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